Kurobuta Lonzino

We had some kurobuta tenders laying around so we gave them the lonzino treatment for 10 days, rinsed, and let dry for 3 hours before putting them in the casings.

The only issue was our casings mysteriously disappeared from our cooler and all we had was over sized synthetic so we tried to make do. We tried rolling and tying them like torchons but we couldn't get all the air out of the casing so that was a no go.
In the end we put the casings in the vac machine and sucked out the air. The casings don't seal in the vac machine but they hold the vacuum for a minute you just have to work fast and tie them off. It worked pretty well, we'll see how it comes out.

We left them to ferment for 12 hours and hung them in our curing chamber. Hopefully they turn out alright as this is the first time we have used synthetic casings for this application. The tenders are small and we only need a 35% weight loss so we should have some results in 4-6 weeks at the most.

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  1. That's some serious lonzino. You're not messing around. Good for you.