Hawaiian Tuna

Koko from Honolulu Fish Co. sent us some awesome tuna. The color was a deep purple, it was difficult to see where the blood line ended and the super fresh flesh began. It reminded me of the black bass that Dave Arnold and Nils prepared at Star Chefs after using the Ike Jime method, the texture was almost crunchy. We cut it into blocks, season it heavily, and give it a good cast iron sear. Right out of the pan I covered it with a cilantro\parsley and garlic marinade then wrapped it tight with plastic wrap and let it cool in the fridge. This method really allows the marinade to penetrate the tuna.
I paired this with scallion cream, miso caviar, golden pea tendrils, nasturtium, and a touch of lemon balm from chefs garden that was tossed in J. LeBlanc evo with finger lime cells and murray river salt.

At the table the servers frenched nitro siracha aioli that was aereated in an ISI.

A version of this will be coming to our new spring menu that will debut mid-march. Spring is by far my favorite time for menu change. We are also looking forward to adding Torm Siverson's mangalitsa to the menu. He has about 30 head and we will be making a trip out to the farm later in the month to see our little friends.


  1. I used Honolulu fish once at Kingfish, had a terriable experiance!! Glad they work for you!

  2. We had similar experiences about 3 yrs ago as well and never realy used them that much. We have a new rep now and since he has taken over there have been no issues with shipping or quality. Granted, if you are going to use this company be prepared to plan 3 days out for fish. It is possible to get fish next day if you call early enough but you are stuck with whatever product is left. I like to call Koko, find out what is running and what he's seeing a lot of, and tell him what I want with back up plan options in case the boats coming in the next morning don't bring in the product I'm looking for. This way they can go to the auction right when it opens and pick out the best fish. A couple hours later they are on a plane and we receive them by 10am the next morning. It's a process and you have to stay on top of it with good communication between you and your reps. I'd rather someone tell me "I'm not sending you this, quality isn't there, but here is what I do have" than send me some garbage that will most likely end with them loosing our business.