Pasture Prime Farms

We have a crazy week coming up so while it was slow we took the crew out to Torm Siverson's Pasture Prime Farm for a little field trip. I took a couple of videos so check it out see what we were up to. I will warn there is some graphic nature to these videos, we don't show any animal being killed but pretty much everything right after that point in on the video. If you have a problem with this then don't watch it. Chicken doesn't just fall out of the sky and land on your plate, someone has to do this.
With this in mind Torm goes above and beyond to provide a comfortable and caring environment while the animals are with us. He has a great pyrenees that was raised with chickens. He now lives with Torm's red ranger and poulet rouge breeds to watch over them and protect agaisnt any predators until they are big enough to fend for themselves. The chickens are rotated like crops from field to field, fertilizing the land to help with grass growth come spring. The grass in turn will feed the 140 head of Wagyu cattle that also inhabit the 400 plus acres here in Summerfield, Florida. There will be more videos to come about Pasture Prime Farms

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  1. It's hard to hear with all the background noise towards the end of the video but I'm talking to Torm about letting the chickens rest. He lets them rest for 24 hour after the kill so the muscles relax. He was worried when he tried them for the first time and they were super tough but he had killed, cleaned and cooked them right away. The lactic acid had built up in the muscles from the stress of their final moments and was causing them to be tough as hell. He thought, "shit, what the hell am I going to do with 200 tough ass chickens", then later found if they rested for 24 hours theey turned into one of the most flavorful, tender chickens he had ever had. We use Torm's chickens and you can tell the difference in the first bite. The skin gets super crisp, the layer of fat under the skin is laden with flavor, and the earthy notes of the meat really make this a great product. I will put it up against any chicken around.