In the works

2011 so far has been filled with some great opportunities and products that have come our way. Tomorrow we will be in the kitchen prepping for a photo shoot with chef's garden products. Last week we put together some great dishes to shoot but with our resident photographer out on medical leave. With insufficient lighting due to poor weather we lost the natural light that shines throughout our private dining room and really makes the colors pop. We got some good photos but not great so we have one more opportunity to get it right. We hired outside help so in the end we should have some sweet, cleaned up photos of the food that will hopefully make it into the chef's garden mailings and email blasts. Be on the lookout for some bluezoo/Chef's garden inspired dishes headed your way in the near future.

Tuesday, January 18th we are making another homage to Torm Siverson's Pasture Prime Farm with the bluezoo crew. I have also invited some chef friends from around the area to join us on our excursion. We will be touring the farm, checking in on our favorite mangalitsa pigs, some new berkshires, red ranger and poulet rouge chickens that we will be processing on site, as well as the grass fed wagyu cattle that made pasture prime what it is today. I should have a nice post up on it later next week. What's not to enjoy, farm tour, lunch at the farm, some serious education on how farm life really is, history, and of course we Florida boys and girls love our firearms so some target practice and accuracy side bets may come into play. That should fill up just enough time to haul ass back to the restaurant and feel inspired to create some exciting dishes.
We did this last year in April and since then we have a lot of new faces in the front and back of the house. Many of them have never seen how a family run local farm works and hopefully this will provide a much needed break from the monotony as well as invaluable information that will result in higher sales of Torm's product, a story to tell the guests, and ultimately an increased level of respect for our products.


  1. We feel honored that you've mentioned our marketing materials in such a positive light and look forward to seeing the pics, Chef! We are devoted readers of your blog, so keep up the good work. Stay in touch on Facebook, too, because we've shared a few of your posts in the past, most recently your garden on a plate.

  2. Thanks Farm Crier, you guys provide exceptional product and service. Every time I call or email in my order Michelle Muratori gets right back to me with availability and any new products you have offer. I love the email blasts that inform us of what is in season and for me I like to hear the back story behind ingredients, the history, and how you have come to produce these items. It offers more ammo for our servers to sell, sell, sell. I feel lucky to work in an environment that is dedicated to providing the best ingredients available and having you to thank for it. In 2011 I see a great year ahead of us where we can continue to highlight our food with your ingredients.