Buyout Dinner

This is a post about a dinner we did on 9-23-10. Fresh off a plane from star chefs I had a couple hours to get my self together then walk into this 125pp buyout dinner in bluezoo. These were mostly meeting planner from around the country who come to the resort then we wine and dine them into sending future business the hotel's way. Not a bad gig being a CMP(certified meeting planner).
We started off with some menu training for the evening. The servers got the low down from our Executive Sous Chef Arnaud Violtat on the platings and components.

Every execution starts with mise en place.

Amuse for the night was a crispy oyster with "rockefeller flavors"

Of course we plan for the occasional shelfish dislike or allergy with a vegetarian amuse option

1st Course hawaiian tuna, dashi noodles, avocado, sesame

Poussin and lobster terrine followed

3rd is Loup de mer, artichoke barigoule, chanterelle duxelle

4thd course was veal tenderloin, veal tail croquette, porcini

Here we are getting ready to plate the amuse

We lined the halls with our standard plating set up for VIP events

The FOH had a huge set up. Once our guests had finished dining in the restaurant the we directed to our version of a speakeasy. Here is Adam Bagwell in the weeds prepping for the speak easy bar.

The guest were led through a series of back, underbelly hallways of the hotel that had some deliberate grafitti art, trash, and street perfomrers about. The came to a door, knock, small peep hole opens, give the password, and enter a kitchen converted into a faux chinese laundry. Pastry Chef Wes Mayton was setting up his display of desserts in black light cooler.

Here is the bar that was set up behind the laundry entrance.

The first thing the guest sees when entering into the speak easy. This was staffed with some of our asian associates.

Shot of the sign.

As the guests ventured further into the speakeasy there is a bar and high top tables to belly up to. Some jazz musicians playing very low toned sets.

Setting up the bar was no simple task.

Something fun for all of us to be a part of.

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