We've been working on the fall menu the last couple of days trying new recipes, techniques, and platings. Here is the first version of our "Broken Rockefeller". I can't tell you how many requests we get for this. I guess it makes sense, we have different selections of east and west coast oysters nightly and with all the requests for it why not put it on the menu but at least we can do it our way. We took all the components and broke them down then give the diner a version of the original for reference.

We start with mornay sauce that is gelled and pureed for a pudding effect. Next was the spinach and bacon. We start with a reduced garlic cream, emulsify in some bacon fat, then finish with spinach and blend until smooth. We breaded the oysters in corn flour from Anson Mills, some bacon powder and we're almost there.

Since plating this I have some more ideas to tighten up the plate, a parmesan component and a little more of the spinach bacon puree is needed for the fried oysters to be able to get the full effect. Some dots of the spinach puree around the fried oysters will help break that section of the plate up a little. We'll keep playing with it and see what happens, so far so good.


  1. Looks really cool chef, I've been sending out an amuse in our kitchen of a kind of broken up rockefeller, Crispy Oyster, Spinach Bacon Tortellini Tulip, Parm Cream and Anise Foam...


    Have you ever heard of hollandaise being on a rockafella? Revisiting the Alinea cookbook the other day and saw the egg yolk droplets and was thinking that might be a cool addition..

  2. Chris, yes to the hollandaise. I've made enough rockefellers in those crappy aluminum "oyster" shaped dishes in my early days as a cook and there was always hollandaise on it, probably to mask the less than awesome tub'o'oyster taste but I've seen it both ways. My chef de cuisine is from Virgina Beach and to his claims, there is no hollandaise on rockefellers. I guess it has to do with where you are from.