Going to be a bit of a delay on the Mangalitsa video. Had some editing and format issues and not enoigh time before I have to go on this trip to get it done. It will be done next week when I get back from my buddy's wedding in the Bahamas.
Other than that our little friend was delivered to the restaurant today. The head alone almost takes up a whole hotel pan. The jowls are ridiculous, the loin has been cleaned, tenderloin removed and was used for an amuse earlier. The ham is giant, skin has been scraped and will be getting an 82c bath for 24 hours then scraped again and dehydrated for cracklin's, the fat back will enter the cure for lardo, belly going into cure as well for a smoked house bacon. Have pics but no time to post, gotta to find my passport which apparently has grown some legs and is not in the usual spot, awesome.

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