Round 1, new menu tasting

Here are some of the photos from round one of our new menu tasting. Tomorrow we go again with a whole new group of upper management and also adding more plates that weren't put up today. We are trying to stay modern, please our family guests, and streamline for the busy months ahead. It is a balancing act but one I think we do well. So here you go

chilled maine lobster...citrus, fennel, samphire

baja octo...octopus, fresh garbanzo, red ribbon sorrel, acg emulsion

dirty south swordfish...bbq rub, house smoked tasso risotto, rock shrimp, littleneck

heritage half chicken...macaire potato, seasonal mushrooms, truffle chicken jus

lone peak beef tenderloin...parsnip, brussels, marble potatoes, agro dolce
(the beef is out of colorado, grass fed,100% organic grain finished, super clean and fresh)

and the piece de resistance...

4 story hill farm dry aged beef...entrecote, carrot caraway puree, seasonal organic vegetables, red wine glaze
surf supplement...king crab medallions(20)

After tomorrow we will have finalized price points and finished dishes. Then we start staff FOH training on Friday then go live on Wednesday September 16th. It's been a long process and I'm glad we are nearing the end.

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